Understand the "highly driven"

What is different about me?

Former Navy SEAL Sniper

(11 years)

Meditation Teacher

  • Need help finding your truths
  • Need a real accountability partner
  • Are stuck
  • Lost your passion
  • Lost your focus
  • Don't know what to do with your ADD/ADHD "monkey mind"
  • Aren't leading from the heart

Randy Kelley 

You May:

  • Explore why the "highly driven" are genetically different
  • Measure, test, assess and prioritize your gifts
  • Plan strategies, build tactics, motivate and act in flow
  • Find your purpose
  • Use unconventional means to focus and produce
  • Harness your multi-thinking mind at will
  • Explore the heart's and mind's biggest questions

Uses "iron" to sharpen "iron"


(6 startups)

Martial arts Teacher

(32 years)

Always a student, of something

Sometimes we all need unconventional help...

We Can, Together:

MBA in Global Management (Thunderbird)

If you consider yourself "highly driven" AND in need of a little help to get through your present circumstances, overcome an obstacle or conquer some mountain in front of you, let's talk!